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tv   Washington Journal Ken Thomas and Mike Lillis  CSPAN  December 4, 2017 8:33pm-9:32pm EST

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next, a look at the week ahead in congress. the supreme court will decide whether bakeries should be required to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples. the court will hear the oral argument looking at religious freedom and antidiscrimination laws tomorrow and we'll gate preview later. after that, anymore administeringor testified about disaster relief funding. >> up next on c-span2, two reporters talk about the week ahead in washington. from. this is an hour. >> joining us, mime hillis of the hill. cover congress and then ken thomas as the obama this, white house reporter. thank you for joining us, mr. thomas, week ahead for the white house what are they most concerned with and the message. >> yeah, well, the president is going to be in utah today, going out to make an announcement on
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shrinking national monuments. it's been an issue he has cared about in terms of corralling federal powers. wednesday some type of announcement on israel, the administration has indicated they're likely to declare that jerusalem is the capitol but punt on this ongoing issue of where the u.s. embassy should be. in all likelihood it will stay in tel aviv. on president the president will be back on eye the campaign trail so to speak in pensacola, florida, for a rally. that is aimed at roy moore supporters who live across the bay in mobile. so we see the moore issue pop up. we just saw it this morning, the president said that he is supporting roy moore. overhanging all of this is the ongoing russia investigation, the issue of general flynn,
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whether he is going to provide information to the mueller probe that could implicates other in the white house, and then i'm sure as mike will be focusing on, at the end of the week we have big budget deadline, perhaps a government shutdown, and the president will be working with congressional leaders to try to mitigate that. >> set that up, the potential of what might happen. >> it is shocking we're torched the year and they don't have a plan to fund the government. we're here once again. they have a deadline odd friday. they will not reach that deadline. remember last week there was supposed to be a big meeting between donald trump and nancy pelosi and charles schumer, mitch mcconnell, and paul ryan and the president to tack about spending caps. they important because you can't discuss what is going to happen under the caps until you have the caps. then trump tweeted that there
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was no budget deal coming and kind of attacked the democrats, who quickly cancelled the meeting. so we've been delayed a week after the thanksgiving recess. so on friday, we're going to -- the republican leaders want to kick the can two weeks and instead of december 8th we'd look at a deadline of december 22nd and they'll vote for that on friday. this question of what happens after that is very much up in the air. paul ryan and the republicans still think they can gate long-term spending bill, an omnibus, that would get them through the rest of the fiscal year, through september, that that short window. conservatives don't like the plan thaws they think they'll get jammed and give the democrats to much leverage and they would have to swallow a lot of things they would not prefer to swallow. their plan is to kick the back
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into the middle of january when they wouldn't have such a tight deadline no holiday looming, wouldn't be smelling the jet fumes. so you can envision a scenario where they go from this fridays to two weeks, december 22nd december 22nd and then an additional three our four weeks sunny middle of january. so just punting, punting, punting. of course, december 8th was not the initial deadline. it was september 30th. is is the borrowed time. >> the white house is -- we saw mike talked about at the netting that didn't happen. what's the attitude now, just sit back and watch. >> there's ha hope they can get some kind of-as mike says, some kind of two-week temporary cr that would get them closer to the holidays and then get it into january. i think the -- one interesting thing will be what they do on the daca issue. tell drats trying to use that as
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leverage to get some kind of permanent solution to the dreamers who are in this country and need the protections. the president has basically indicated that in all likelihood, if we get to march and they haven't reached an agreement, he's likely to do something to help the dreamers. so, i think democrats seem to have leverage on that issue and they're trying to use it to their advantage. >> as far as democrats and the house and senate, that's the message we'll hear as we'll, on daca. >> the democrats are not involved in negotiating this. until they get into the room and start talking caps, they're own the sideline. the cr talk haws just been republicans and they're out of loop. anywhere wait and see mode, what is coming up. paul ryan says he doesn't want to do daca on any kind of spending bull. trump told senators the same thing. but it's very difficult to
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envision a scenario where paul ryan brings the dream act or something similar to the floor as a stand-alone bill, particularly this year. just not time. they still have to do tax and chip and maternal for the hurricanes. the question becomes, as we just mentioned, do the democrat use their. her, the republicans need their vote on the spending bills. probably in the house, and definite the senate where chuck schumer will have the filibuster. are the democrats going good out on the him and say if you want our votes, that's fine but we anymore daca on there if you don't, we'll either shut the government down and you will likely get blamed, or we'll get our dream act. >> our guested will be with us for the hour to talk about these issues and more you. want to ask questions,
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republicans 202-748-8000, for democrats and independents 202-748-8002. you can post thoughts on twitter as well. mike hill with, from the budget side to taxes, the reconciling part of these two bills now that we have seen paths come to bear. what happens today specifically and then speculate or at least gave sense of what happens as far as the reconciling processes that take place. >> this is where the rubber meets the road. they've been talking about tax reform for years, paul ryan -- this is his dream. as ways and means chairman and all thereof those things. the house was supposed to come back tomorrow. came back together to vote on a resolution to wreck couldn't sile the bills. the house passed easily, only had
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had 13 dedefections were chinese. now they have taryn out the differences up always the thought and i think some fears that the senate was just going to jam the house and say you have to vote for this or nothing. not going do conference. mcconnell and ryan have said all along, we're not going to do that. we're going could conference this out and that process starts today, but it is a race to the finish and they've got a lot of big irvs to resolve. obamacare mandate, resolve differents in mortgage tax deduction, medical tax deduction, graduate school deduction, amt, estate tax. the list goes on and on. some major issues and it's a math problem. have to figure out how to appease conservatives and moderates in the house and the senate, and make it all fit under the 1.5 trim ten-year cap, and then get it to the president by christmas. it is crunch time. >> so then ken thomas, the white house saw victory last week.
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what are they doing to to make sure they have a final victory and a bill that is signable. >> the white house does not see the differences between the bills are deal breakers they've feel like the hard work was get throughout both chambers. one thing that was very interesting on saturday before he left for new york, the president said on the corporate tax rate, we'd like to see it at 20%, but maybe it will be 22%. and that certainly raised some eyebrows you saw marco rubio tweet, he had wanted a corporate rate of 20.94%, i believe, as a way to help fund his child tax credit, and they weren't -- wouldn't do it. they were insisting it had to be 20%, and now the president seems to be open to negotiation on that issue. so, we'll see how these pieces come together. i think in large part the white
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house feels like this is something that they should be able to get done before christmas. the president is all about branding and he has been saying for a while now that he wants to deliver a big, beautiful christmas gift in the form of tax cuts to the american people, and they think they're on track. >> again, for our guests, we'll continue on. let go to john from pennsylvania. republican line. you're on with our guests good morning go ahead. >> caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call mitchell question is, mostly about michael flynn. what direction do you feel with the country of turkey and -- because seem likes they talked talked.the russian situation where michael flynn lied but where is the main source about the -- what direction do you feel the white house is going in that direction with -- and michael flynn and where is the proof that michael flynn received money from the country
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of turkey? any cash advances, any proof he received any money from can he trupp eye of turkey. >> ken thomas. >> we're reading reading the tes with the mueller investigation. we only know what mueller tells us through these court documents. one thing i thought was very interesting is that the plea deal only gets into lying to the fbi. it does not get into some of these other issues you cite in terms of his business deals with turkish interests and whether there may have been any propriety on that. what you have to keep in mind is that inmule ever -- if mule irwanted to throw the book at flynn, he could have and brought up other issues but he seemingly willing to just focus on the one issue of lying to the fbi as a way to pursue others who may
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know more about what happened earlier this year during the campaign. and so the fact that turkey did not come up in these pleas i think shows that they want to use flynn as leverage, as a cooperative witness who could help implicate others. >> the president's tweet and about flynn lying to the fbi, what do you macabout it especially there are report his lawyer drafted it. give us a sense about that. >> that was a head-scratcher. the white house had said all along the reason that flynn was fired because he lied to mike pence about hit dealings with russia, do and to introduce that the president may have known that he had lied to the fbi changes the timeline. as you recall, michael flynn was fired the day before president trump had that sit-down meeting with james comey in which comey
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testified that the president said issue hope you could see to let got with flynn. so, it just raises the question of whether or not whether the president knew that flynn had in fact lied to the fbi? john dowd, the president's lawyer, says he come polessed the tweet and he composed it in a way that wasn't precise enough and he takes responsibility for that. so the white house has been trying to say that the president wasn't changing his timeline. he was simply acknowledging what we all know, which is that flynn has now been charged with lying to the fbi, but it does raise some questions about what he knew, when he knew it. >> host: ever haas in the part that someone else composed tweet for the president? >> that's a new one for us. we have not heard of john dowd composing tweets before. you into see a scenario where you want a lawyer to compose if
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if it relates to mueller investigation, and up to this point they president had not been tweeting much about the investigation. it seemed like they prevailed on him to just leave the subject alone because a tweet could put you in legal jeopardy and cause problems. the fact you have a lawyer saying, i composed the treat, virk unique. >> mike willis with this treat tweet in mine -- behind, the investigation going on. >> the democrats will pounce on it myclysm this has been a political issue for them all along. thought it was political gold and has not led to the result they were looking for issue think, not moving as quickly as they would look and not as public but the house intel committee and the senate intel committee are focused on the issue. that's where democrats would like a broader investigation actually. a 9/11 style commission.
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so, it would be more independent, more nonpartisan, but that's not going to happen with a republicans control egg both chamber. so you'll see adam schiff and mark warner being would is in and we have seen statements already. so continuing -- just more of a drip, drip, drip type of scenario. they're looking for a smoke gun some haven't found itout but they're hopeful. >> let hear from caller in new hampshire, democrats line, ron fork ahead, you're on. >> caller: good morning, good morning. "washington journal" give you a shoutout again. i love this show. best show on tv. i have actually learned quite a bit from you guys and from republicans, hate to say it, and it has chapping my mind on -- changed me mind on one or two issues. i have a question for both guests. i'd like for both of them to dress it and have a quick comment since you're talk bet
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mueller investigation. i love trump's tweets because they're going to end up getting -- going to sink his ship help keeps tweeting and that's going to get him in trouble, is that people are going to be able to refer right back to the tweets. >> host: your question? >> caller: yes. my question is when will we get back to regular order? in the congress and the senate, with all the partisanship, with the president's decisive rhetoric, when we will if get back to regular order or is the way it's going to be, it's just going to be tooth and nail, cat and dog, every send of the way, scratch and claw? >> host: caller, thank you for. you have been walking this for a long time and talk about the regular order process. >> a very good question. when paul ryan and the republicans name at the start of
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this term, they had unified government nor first anytime a dozen years. they have white house think house and the senate and they promised regular order. they were always critical of obama and the democrats when they controlled congress, of jamming things through, bone bones barack barack obamacare being the top of that argue. since taking control they see it's not is a simple as that. there are a lot of bipartisan kind of run of the mill, everyday bills that are passed that are not controversial that go through committee, come out of it inee forks to florida 0, the president's desk and are signed of that's -- it's just not happening on the big stuff, particularly government spending. that's what we'll see this week, again, because of the pressure on the republicans to reward the votes who put them in power, the progresses bills they paced -- the appropriations bills were very conservative.
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passed another party line votes out of the committees and on the floor if they health it that far. i i was all a charade because they new it was never going good-schumer would never pass it in the senate. still need 60 votes in the senate to pass anything on spending. so, that was always going to be the barrier to getting those conservative ideas to the president's desk. they knew that but they had to put on the show and that's what we have been seeing all year. so there was a regular order up until the point that it hit the senate filibuster and then it stopped. now we're into crs, continuing resolutions, kick the can down the road type of thing and will end up in a big omnibus bill which is going to need bipartisan support there there went the end of regular order. then it's not only spending bills -- ken talk about daca and healthcare stuff to put in there then they start throwing all kinds of other things that are not even related to the spending bill and then regular order i out owindow.
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when are we going get back to it? i have no idealism guess not anytime soon. >> ken thomas, does the white house care about returning to regular order. >> i think publicly they would say they'd like to return to a better system but this is just a function of the polarization of our politics. we have had a extreme views on both sides often clashing, and as mike says, when the senate is as divided as it is, just makes it very difficult for a party to just get budget bill through in a normal process. we have just been living on these short-term crs for year news, and it's almost retaliatoriy. i think a lot of democrats feel like republicans forced them to pass these short-term spending
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bills when president obama was in charge, and why should they go out of their way to help republicans now that they have the white house? >> this is flink connecticut. >> caller: good morning and thank you for c-span. it's interesting in actually serendipitous in terms of the previous caller asking how we get back to normal order, as my own question is on the back of that as well and is very much akin to that question. as an independent voter and someone who believes that we are in an extraordinary crisis that has been lingering for quite some years now. the question i have is let's think outside of the conventional tall polarized box. the framers of the constitution created a constitution wherein the public, the people, the american constituency itself, had the capacity to hold a
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constitutional congress and effectively come together and discuss how they can contend with things if, for example, things in washington and things with the proletariat and the politics that, quote-unquote, are supposed to be our elected officials as opposed to our quote-unquote leaders forks awry and astray, and i'd like to pose the question, what constructs should the american public be utilizing in terms of functioning with one another as free thinking adults, outside of the conventional vote strictures and conventions of simply tweeting back and forth at one another like children. what constructs can we utilize within the constitution that would allow to us come together and discuss these things in a mandated, orderly and civil fashion, all adults within all 50 states to come to corral the powers in washington that in my opinion and the opinion of i
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would argue at least 80% over the voting constituency, have gone completely into the sewer thank you for taking my call. >> okay. fill so is cav in nature. who wants to start. >> not being a constitutional scholar, i i don't know of any specification provision. goes to back to vote. have to have an illinois gauged population if you want this place to work, and george bernard shaw said, democracy is that thing that insure wes get no better than we deserve. so just talking to ken before we came on, remarkable that we're talking about this alabama x-rays roy moore and all the attention that we shower on this thing, and then a lot of voters down there say, what race? we haven't heard of it. stories last week where people had not herd -- voters inbomb had not heard of roy moore. when people are that disengaged
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and the caller mentions 0% of the electorate, how many go to the poll. it's perfecting election next week, very high stakes in alabama. see how many people show up. people are disengaged and maybe it's just because they're turned off by politics and then it become this vicious cycle where the place gets worse because nobody is engaged. then it turns voters off and then they're not going to go back. but people paid attention, went to the polls, might be better. things might click a little bit better up here and get back to regular order. >> host: judge moore sent out a tweet, thanking the president for his support and saying the america first agenda will make america great again. can't wait to help drain the swamp. ken thomas, direct support for this president for roy moore. >> the president tweeted this morning he is supporting roy moore, that his vote is
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essential to help the republicans pass their agenda. the president's concerned that if doug jones gets the vote, that it could help chuck schumer, and they have very narrow margins, two votes, basically, making the difference here, and so roy moore is viewed as someone who can help deliver republican support, and there's almost an ends justifies the means approach here. they tried to avoid moore about a month ago, and i think as some of the scrutiny of moore's conduct has died down, maybe perhaps it's been clouded a bit by the issues with the democrats, i think the white house feels like now it's time to get engaged and try to put him over the top. >> so if roy moore did win, then
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mike willis, what's the senate action? we saw mitch mcconnell yesterday saying that let the voters in alabama decide. what happens if that happens? will there city be attempts to block seating. >> i think the initially the feeling was if he got there, there we be -- that he might be expelled ore censured or something. that was the hope in the eyes and mines of republicans, but as this debate has evolved and he's gained the popularity of the president and other conservative figures, if he wins, what are you going to do, just poke a finger in the eye of the bam bam -- the alabama voter inside you can't do it. they're starting to realize that and so unclear what will happen. there's still calls on the right for an ethics investigation. the question is what would be the outcome of that? that's a way for them to punt
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it. we'll take a look at it. sort of like the initial call for an ethics investigation into john conyers, things evolve and we'll have to see what happens. a fascinating dynamic because it's not just these charges lingering over him. it's that he and mcconnell just don't get along and roy moore hoss promised to be a thorn in mcconnell's side which is not something the majority leader needs right now now mike willis from the hill, and ten thomas covers the white house for the "associated press" this is republican line, john you're on with the guest. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. one of your guested made a statement that president trump told the democrats, no deal. you can't have a deal until you know what the caps are. there's only so much money going into the spot we have so many problems, can't just make a deal and say, we'llteam take care of
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it when we don't know how much money is in the spot we have so many people unemployed so many people that needs health care, people on the food stamps, people that need to be train, and jobs. we can't take care of everything. we have to start and look at the most important things and work down. thank you for taking my call. >> mr. thomas. >> i think caller speaks to the problem that we saw recently when the president was going to welcome the congressional leader 0s to the white house and issued a prettiy provocative tweet about chuck schumer and pelosi and they pulled it. they too have talked about the caps and reached some time of agreement and have to figure that out this week and have a week less than they should have. >> mr. willis. >> exactly right. that was supposed to be the topic of the meeting, was the caps and then talk about
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everything that's going to happen beneath them. we expect that to happen this week and then -- or not. if they get the two-week delay they can write more time. behind the scenes the talked are ongoing. what you're going to see is -- if the caps are busted, the leader old both sides want to break the caps established inned in 2011 put the disagreement equipment be bipartisan in sense the republican 'want to increase defense spending, republicans -- democrats, pelosi and chuck schumer say well-want that too but we want parity. going to increase defense by x dollars we want x dollars for nondefense discretionary spending and you'veing see the cap situation happen. to the caller's question, yes, this should happen last week and then we might not need a cr but that's where we are. >> host: independent line, ellen, florida.
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>> caller: hi. my question is on immigration. i'm here here 3 years in the united states. first come here, i was 40-year-old, now i'm 72. i work nurse before i not speak english now a speak. a take care of lots of patients. i support every government agency, because i no have children. now -- give me my pension, i deserve it. my social security. >> when i'm to strut now. 7-year-old lady who working for her social security pension. ... the law has to be in
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place. >> host: is that off the table now or is it postponed for further review or where are we on the prospective? >> guest: off from the congressional perspective it is a nonstarter in the eyes of democrats, and because this is going to need democratic votes to pass, you have leverage in that debate. and in fact in the early stages of the debate in april and may he was forced to sign a bill because the democrats were not going to support it and it wouldn'te pass congress. state dynamics are happening now. something has changed in terms of where the democrats stand.
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i think the president will push for funding and drive a pretty hard bargain on immigration. when he met with chuck and nancy and reached a deal on the short-term spending bill and he took a lot of blowback from the members of the base. there's a definite interest in the white house to remain firm on immigration. it was something that caught him elected and they felt like there is the need to make those
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promises on immigration. >> from new york, republican line. go ahead. >> caller: it should be on the same bill. i don't know where you've spent thanksgiving,sp but they spent t in a funeral home because the drug cartel. they die every day of the heroine overdose. we need the wall and i believe it should be passed but also it should be dealt. here's the opinion straight from his mouth and that's what i have to say. have a good day. >> host: how much would you resonate with congress and the white house? >> guest: is an issue the president was very upset about
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recently when the person charged with a crime is on the lesser offense. we could see the federal government try to pursue charges against him perhaps, but the case was something that worked in tandem for the push on the wall and we expected he would talk about this issue. >> and where does that stand? >> guest: it would have been an awfully longdo time. i don't know the answer right now. after the verdict came down, they put out a statement and said we've got to move on and push forth. >> host: john conyers, talk about these instances.
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what is congress life now with the topic overhanging it? >> guest: it is a very strange time. talking off the record to a lot of members have been here for a long time they say that it's a strange dynamic, very jittery to talk t to a member on friday who said just getting into an elevator these days there is a same that if there's somebody of the opposite gender, there is a staffer you have to turn sideways andwa make sure you are not brushing up against them. then he with his arm back very quickly knocked schillin not she rules are anymore or where the lines are being crossed, so it is a very strange dynamic right now in the eyes of a lot of the lawmakers within extreme push to weed out these guys are legitimate harassers, harassment
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problems. including those in the black caucus coming out and asking him to resign as the best course of. if you ask the defenders there is a distinct double standard. conyers denied everything.
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i don't know if the democrats response to those approaches is the reason for the distinction. although you're starting to see some house members do so. i think probably they liked the fact that he's muddied the waters or t are to speak in the situation. the decision w to call for the resignation, what impact did that have on how he handles the al franken case. there is a deep relationship between chuck schumer and al franken. if pelosi is calling for him to re-sign, there will be some people who say shouldn't he expecte the same but as you hae
9:10 pm
more people enacted years ago it puts pressure on schumer to address the situation. >> host: the president arriving at andrews air force base about to board air force one to go to utah today, what happened? >> he's going to be discussing this issue of national monumen monuments. the obama administration last december announced plansed to create this monument and anger d angered that utah republicans. they felt like it was a land
9:11 pm
grab essentially of the federal land and it was an issue president trump has seized upon. this is the first example working to shrink the monuments and they are expected to split them in some way. we are still waiting for detail on that but he'ss going to be announcing the plan in salt lake city and also meeting with leaders while he's out there. white house officials see mormons as perhaps an important voting group in future electio elections. there's a lot in nevada for example, so that is viewed as a way to connect. >> a video of the president arriving at andrews air force base we will continue on with
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our guest. los angeles california, go ahead. >> caller: many questions but i will just stick with one. i want to know your thoughts and personal feelings on the thoughts ofgs impeachment and ae you surprised? i feel for a long time we've been somewhat supported then i would say the overthrow of governments in the middle east, and i think our e kids have seen that throughout the years and i almost feel like the chickens are coming outre to roost and ts idea of impeachment almost to me seems like a standard where we are willing to i would say
9:13 pm
overthrow our own government because it was has he done so far people keep talking about it in the media but i just want to know your personal thoughts. >> we heard this mentioned several times. what is the latest in the call for this? >> there's probably six, seven or eight on the record so it's a laundry list of things from accusing him of being a racist for his response to charlottesville and conspiring with the russians in the elections so it's a lot of things he's done and just the underlining charges to the detriment of the democracy is a fair way tora say it. one of those that introduced the
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article is threatening to force a vote on that before the end of the year. whether he does that or not is democraticthe leaders because they just want to be hands-off. they know he has a very powerful base and it will just energize the conservatives so in terms of the leadership we will lead the house intel do their job and make a decision about the question later but it's too early to and meanwhile there's these liberal democratsto who ao have a base to cater to and they think that he's already crossed those lines so whether he goes through with this to force a vote one person can force a procedural vote on the resolution themselves but it
9:15 pm
would put the house on the record and we will see if he follows through. i think it is pretty premature republicans control the house and senate. if there was a change it might be more of an issue. among the democrats i talked to there is a concern of overreach that you could beat that drum on impeachment and it gives republicans a way of energizing their support. they are simply out to get the president. they don't want to work with him, so really until we know what the outcome of the 2018 election i don't expect much to happen on that front. >> host: jack in ohio when the democratsoe line.
9:16 pm
>> caller: [inaudible] >> guest: i'm not aware that he does, but the sequence of events have raised some eyebrows and questions on whether he did compose it or if it was something the president did on his own. i happened to be with him on saturday and was issued while we were in a motorcade coming from one fund raiser to another. so it wasn't like the president is at the podium speaking when it was issued. he was in the east as they call it so it's certainly possible that the president did send it to himself.
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>> host: before you left the white house to go to andrews air force base talked with reporters. let's see what he had to say. >> i will say this hillary clinton lied many times to the fbi
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the way they're settled. it would offer a type of transparency. it sounds like the caller wants to know who has already been
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tapping this slush fund and this bill is not retro active. so there's going -- but there are some who are pushing for that. so there's a question of whether or not those who have already settled would be revealed and but there's still forward ainly moving require more transparenty. and nobody in their right mind would use it if the public is aware of it host: do you see some point for require in the future where everyone who was on the list would be revealed. >> host: is that constantly replenished? >> guest: it replenished?guest co. it is part of the appropriations. there's the $15 million that's
9:21 pm
been reported and paid out. a majority of that is not sexual harassment claims and architects who work at the capitol have been for years so it's not just lawmakers in an important distinction to be made the problethat theproblem is also bt because john conyers didn't use that find also taxpayer-funded but meaning there's a lot more money out there that's probably being diverted for this purpose >> host: george from pennsylvania, democrats whine. >> caller: [inaudible] with the cost-of-living raise by it checks and third, a all these
9:22 pm
people in congress. that's allng i'm going to say. thank you very much. post >> host: three different questions. term limits has come up very often whether people should be career politicians. some people say yes we need people who are experienced and we need adults in the room to run this place and has the experience to do so, and then there is another group that says they forgot why they came into disconnected it became part of the beltway bubble so that is an ongoing conversation.
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i don't know if there is a real though. when i was elected i said i was only going to be here for three or four or five turns. the idea is out there but i don't see it happening anytime soon. >> host: >> guest: the drain and swamp mentality that the politics as usual was broken and there was a need for the new voices. the first thing i was going to say is we need the wall. i don't care what the
9:24 pm
negotiations are the wall cannot be dropped. i've been working 49 years and paying taxes and social securi security. i really don't even want to hear anymoreat. i also want to talk about the allegations. he said he didn't do that and she's always put with the other people. alabama, please vote for and get out and vote. >> host: we are running short on time. it's going to pensacola for the
9:25 pm
rally. >> guest: he went to alabama to support luther strange but it didn't turn out that well and there was concern if he alienated the voters, that could be a problem.. it was a hot dish you and i think it died down a little bit and you can go to pensacola and it is in the same media markets thosen reach a lot of voters. and you don'ton have mod on your face that you supported the losers in the alabama senate race. >> host: what is the sentiment right now i know there are a lot of things happening in.
9:26 pm
>> guest: everyone is dying to know who is going to show up and they don't have a lot of votes today and as we have seen in the effort which they couldn't get the votes that they needed and they struggled with it again ssen the filibuster was off the table they voted to get a simple majority. so, again it's going to be a tough task because when he has come in as they drain the swamp kind of guy nevermind that he's running in the congress, i'm going to give him a hard time. but he didn't win the primary so
9:27 pm
now they may be stuck. it's all very fascinating. there was also the question whether it would affect the tax debate but it doesn't look like that is going to happen at this point. looking ahead there will be future votes where he can be a factor. >> north carolin >> north carolina republican line go ahead. >> guest: >> caller: i have three comments to make. moore is accused of being a pedophile and he admitted it on sean hannity on fox and number two coming in the conference they still have to go to and if they would get out and call your congresspeople and senators and
9:28 pm
voice their opinion, they may have more of an opinion. >> host: gives us a sense of what they are expecting. >> guest: they want to be out bf the christmas so essentially the deadline is christmas. they are going to note the ideas to get muchcr of the tough work done this week and then go from there but they don't have a lot of time and we are just any wait and see mode but they want to be
9:29 pm
using that to look at the own omnibus spending. but in terms of the attention from the leaders and the principles, they would like to get much of that done this week. >> host: one thing to look at is who composes the conference and if you have a ron johnson or steve dean, they've been focused on how the small businesss woud be affected in the so-calledso pass-through if johnson was appointed to the congress that might indicate where they want to go. we expect the house to a named the conferees later today and it will be interesting to see.
9:30 pm
>> host: it sounds like it goes to the president and they have to put them on the floor again and get a deal click. >> host: the associated press and mike wallace of the hill, to both of you gentlemen, thanks for joining us today.
9:31 pm
refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple due to religious grounds. they claimed they were discriminated against and the justices will hear arguments in the cake shop and colorado civil rights commission. under colorado law vendor can't refuse service based on orientation or gender. we will bring that friday 8 p.m. eastern on c-span. thursday fbi director testifies that an fbi oversight hearing before the house judiciary committee. a look at the supreme court wedding cake. five years ago thewn


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